A Life of Faith: Be Ruthless Removing Sin - Pastor Tom Rice

Posted on ٠٣/٠٣/٢٠١٩


Joshua 15:63; 16:10; 17:12-13; and 23:6-11

We cannot let sin remain as inhabitants in our lives.  Whenever we try making accommodations for sinful habits it always leads to trouble.  Have you believed a lie somewhere in your life that "God cannot" or that you, with God's power cannot drive out the sin?  Oftentimes, we give in to fear, anxiety, anger, addictions, etc. because we forget that with God all things are possible.  Also, we allow sin to remain because we think it can benefit us, and we can keep it under control; but it will end up controlling us if we do not act ruthlessly and mercilessly in cutting it off.  We must vigilantly guard our hearts and yield to Holy Spirit power!